Shawn Budd

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Born: 03/02/1974

Country: Australia - NSW

Cue sports played: Snooker, Pool

Home Club: N/A

Ranking (Pool or Snooker): Too High

Highest Tournament Break (Snooker): 143

Highest Social Break (Snooker): 147

Favourite Player: Neil Robertson

Toughest Opponent: Steve Mifsud, Johl Younger & Vinnie Calabrese

Favourite Movie: The Last Dragon

Favourite Food: Lobster

Favourite Music Band: 

Occupation: Director

Career Highlights: My career highlight, was being inducted into the 2017 inaugural BSANSW Snooker Hall of Fame along with my good friend Warren King, as well as past legends such as Eddie Charlton, AM, Warren Simpson and Former World Professional Snooker Champion Horace Lindrum.


Shawn Budd (born 2 March 1974 in Sydney, Australia), is a professional snooker and pool player that has won major snooker and pool tournaments in Australia, New Zealand, England and America. He is the only Australian snooker player ever to win the Australian Open Snooker, Australian National Snooker, Australian 9 Ball and 8 Ball titles. He has also won the Oceania Snooker championships and was runner up in the Oceania Billiards Championship in the same year. In 2002 he was a quarter finalist in the IBSF World Billiards Championships (50 up). In 1994 he won the Valley National Open 8-ball tournament in Las Vegas (over 5000 entries) and in 2001 he won the Masters 8-ball event. The event is now called the World Pool Championships. In addition to the many National wins, Shawn has won many State and National Ranking events and in 2017 was inducted into the NSW Hall of Fame.

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