Reventon Looking Ahead to 2019

Reventon concluded 2018 with a successful year of snooker events including the third Triple Crown (Reventon Masters) held in October.

Looking ahead to 2019, Reventon will be holding all three Triple Crown events including The Reventon/Commercial Club International Snooker Championship, Reventon Classic and Reventon Masters.

Reventon will continue to sponsor the National Snooker & Billiards as well as many events around the country such as Ron Atkins Classic & Ian Chappell, as well as smaller events at the Reventon Snooker Academy. We also plan to get involved in supporting the juniors and women.

We are aiming to hold a number of local tournaments restricted to tier 2 level and below to help promote all levels of the sport. In order qualify for this event you must play in the major event. In addition, there will be 2 Reventon matchplay series for 2019 which consist of a range of tiered level events. The matches run weekly for 110 minutes per game. The tiers consist of 6-8 players with the top 4 players from each tier qualifying for the finals.

Who are Reventon?

Founded in 2005, Reventon is one of Australia’s leading investment and financial services companies and has supported thousands of Australians to achieve financial freedom. Reventon can help you secure your finances, reduce your mortgage payments, build your wealth, and minimise the tax you pay.

Exclusive snooker offers

Reventon is offering the snooker community up to $4,000 towards your investment, plus exclusive Reventon snooker merchandise.

If you would like to know more about Reventon please visit REVENTON SITE OFFER or call the office on 1300 039 376. Reventon – keeping the ball rolling

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