Moh Keen Hoo Wins Australian Open Snooker

Congratulations to Moh Keen Hoo from Malaysia for winning the 2018 Bob Hawke AC Australian Open Snooker Championship at Mounties in Sydney. Moh defeated Victorian Kurt Dunham 6-1 in the final. Both players being former Main Tour players. Well done also to Hassan Kerde and James Mifsud for making the semi-finals of this prestigious event. The highest break of the tournament went to both Moh Keen Hoo and Hassan Kerde with a fantastic 136. Last 16: Moh Keen Hoo 4 b Steve Mifsud 2, Alan McCarthy 4 b Jom Wangta 3, James Mifsud b 4 Jason Magee 0, Roger Farebrother 4 b Ben Farnworth 3, Lim Kok Leong 4 b Ben Foster 1, Hassan Kerde 4 b Tyson Crinis 1, Kurt Dunham 4 b Glen Wilkinson 2, Johl Younger 4 b Adam Waller 1 Quarter Final: Moh Keen Hoo 4 b Alan McCarthy 2, James Mifsud 4 b Roger Farebrother 3, Hassan Kerde 4 b Lim Kok Leong 3, Kurt Dunham 4 b Johl Younger 1 Semi Final: Moh Keen Hoo 5 b James Mifsud 1, Kurt Dunham 5 b Hassan Kerde 4 Final: Moh Keen Hoo 6 b Kurt Dunham

Moh Keen Hoo

Moh Keen Hoo

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