My take on playing conditions

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Professional conditions in the UK are a far cry from our club tables here in oz. For a new pro it can be a one or two year apprenticeship just to get used to the conditions, the size of the pockets are not for the faint hearted, the pockets are standard template size but are cut quite square basically they are on the tough side of standard. This slightly tighter cut on the pockets makes things very tough along the rails, you need to be confident in your cueing or pay dearly.

When I first played on these conditions in 2002 I was shocked at how tough they are, also they have heaters under the table and TV lighting this warms the balls. This is one of the factors why the balls open so nice  when going into the reds. I call it formula 1 snooker, once I had a taste of the conditions they play under I had an even greater respect for the pro's of today. The club tables we play on are the same that all the top pro's learnt to play on but the new conditions on telly is another level amateurs would get the shock of there life as did i. When you combine very fast cloths with very tight pockets and the heating of the balls making them react more, this is the reason pool players can't make an impact as it demands perfect cueing. If the pockets were big you would get strong minded pool players turning pro, but to play snooker at this level with these conditions you need to be a snooker specialist being a pro snooker player today your already a champion in your own right. Good potting Gaz.